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CROATIA was the #1 googled summer destination in Europe - THE NEW VACATION HOTSPOT. Slano, however is a place for „Relaxation, romantic walks, wonderful swimming and sunbathing beaches, a place to unwind and reboot your battery. Slano is a charming seaside village in the Dubrovnik Riviera of southern Croatia.  It is known for its superior fishing, boasting one of the most pristine and deep bays in the region.  Slano literally means “salty” and the water, with its high concentration of iodine, is known to restore health through its detoxifying properties.

The village and its bay are located 27 km northwest of Dubrovnik. Fish farms, olives and olive oil production, wine and viniculture, fruit farming, tobacco, and homeopathic herbs (sage, laurel, woodworm) and tourism are the main industries of the region. Slano is situated on the main road (M2, E65), across from the Island Sipan. Yachts can anchor in the small protected cove of Banja. Motor Yachts and Sailboats can anchor in the bay as well as use the new 200 Berth ACI Marina located in the main harbor. Boasting 2 sand beaches, and a total of 5 main beaches for swimming, Slano offers its guests the opportunity to swim in a new cove each day, picnic by the sea, sleep under the cypresses and olive trees, and watch the seagulls soar above. It is a place of rehabilitation and peace, intimacy and nature.

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George Bernard Shaw was enchanted by this beautiful city, about which he said "Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and see Dubrovnik", as well as, famously, describing it as "the pearl of the Adriatic". Dubrovnik truly is a stunning city with its amazing Old Town, which became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

The Old Town and its many sights (including the well-preserved city walls along which you can walk) is the main sight of Dubrovnik. During the summer months the city comes alive with the world-renowned Dubrovnik Summer Festival, with music, theatre and dance performances. Dubrovnik offers great  restaurants all serving locally caught fish and seafood along with serving locally produced fruit & vegetables that make this city a truly amazing place to visit!

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Unspoiled, relaxed, beautiful, and safe... Croatia is one of Europe’s loveliest treasures. Crystal-clear seas, timeless fishing villages and unspoiled beaches, Roman ruins, Mediterranean cuisine originating from old Roman times and medieval walled cities.
Every twist and turn of the coastline serves up grandstand views of secret coves, little harbors, and calm turquoise waters. Out in the Adriatic Sea, a galaxy of islands 1,244 of them, to National Park Plitvice waterfalls – one of the 3 most beautiful waterfalls in the world, consist of 16 lakes connected with waterfalls, it makes Croatia truly the greatest treasure of the Mediterranean.
Croatian cuisine is diverse and known as cuisine of different regions. Coastal cuisine is Mediterranean and healthy. Croatia is famous for the best truffles in the world, and also oysters from Ston bay which is only  a short drive away from Villa Almadria.